Gunther Kramer - Portrait

Gunther Kramer
Founder and CEO
Gecko Websites

Gunther Kramer is the CEO of the website development company Gecko Websites (www.GeckoWebsites.com). He has extensive knowledge and experience with all aspects of website development, including domain names, hosting, graphic design, various programming languages, e-commerce, SEO, SEM, social media and a multitude of additional website-related fields.

Gunther has been involved with computer hardware, software and programming since the early 1980s. In 1995 he began developing websites for various organizations, from small non-profits all the way to multi-national corporations.

His company, Gecko Websites, provides full-service for all website-related needs, including setup, development, management, upgrades and consulting. Gunther personally oversees all aspects of the company to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Gunther consults with each client one-on-one, in order to provide a professionally customized solution which goes beyond simply creating a website. His concept of creating an entire online presence which is tightly integrated with traditional offline marketing has seen impressive results for the many projects he has overseen.

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