Gunther Kramer

"Entrepeneurship consists of developing creative solutions to common challenges which benefit specific individuals. Focus on the personal relationships and the rest will naturally fall in into place."

Gunther Kramer

"Strategists focus on applying leverage to achieve maximum results in exchange for minimum effort. Create automated systems to free up time and build upon your successes."

Gunther Kramer

"Explorers are naturally curious about their surroundings and strive to understand how everything is connected. Be bold each time you step outside of your comfort zone and embrace what transpires."

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Gunther Kramer of Gecko Websites
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From the Desk of Gunther Kramer

There is something undeniably liberating about entrepreneurship. Having absolute freedom to make choices and observe how your plans play out is so satisfying. Whether your choices lead to good or bad consequences is something that you gladly take full responsibility for. Whether you’re just starting out with your own company, or you’re a seasoned veteran of many decades, there’s always more to learn. Making business decisions is about making personal connections.

I find it fascinating that when we’re young and inexperienced, we believe we know everything and we can do it better than anyone else. When we’re older and have a lifetime of experience behind us, we come to the solemn conclusion that we actually know very little! I have the privilege of mentoring many new business owners from many different industries. At the same time, I am humbled to learn from some of the best veterans out there, whose stories and lessons never cease to inspire.

Enjoy the journey, no matter where your path may take you.

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Gunther Kramer

Gunther Kramer

Gunther Kramer specializes in digital marketing and business consulting. With over 25 years of experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients.

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Gecko Websites

Gunther Kramer founded Gecko Websites in Waterloo in 1995. This digital marketing agency provides customized solutions to a wide variety of companies.

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To connect with Gunther Kramer, visit his social media profiles, shown in the footer below. To contact him directly, fill out the form on the contact page.

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